February 9 1019 Mended Hearts Osceola Spring Gathering

Members from many of the Florida Chapters of Mended Hearts met on Saturday. The morning started out with an hour of fellowship with Egg Sandwiches (we discovered the Bacon and Egg were the first choice followed by the Ham and Egg variety. The addition of Coffee was a pleasant addition this year.

Our First Presenter was Katherine Gomatos a clinical social worker at AdventHealth Celebration. She was introduced by Leah Crescenti Cardiovascular Clinical Care Coordinator at AdventHealth Celebration. Kathrine presented “Caring for the One You Love“. Katherine has sent a PDF file from the slides to share.


Our second session was a combined effort of our TAVR and Open Heart Surgical Teams. Dr. Sayed Hussain, Dr. Hiep C. Nguyen, and Dr. Fischer did a great job of sharing the team work and the decision tree for assuring the correct decision for choosing and implementing the choice.

Lunch was delivered by Olive Garden we had their famous Salad, Lasagna, pasta with marinara sauce, and breadsticks. After every one was served we played the Dr Harken Video from the 2017 Nashville Conference.

Lawrence Sartori, Author and chief to the Heart, Presented “Good food that is Good for Your Heart“. His wife Joan share some great tasting cookies while he spoke about his journey from Heart Disease survivor to discovery of cooking, eating well, and Activity to improve your Heart Condition.

All Voss was not able to join us and Marvin Keyser filled in presenting “The Importance of the Relationship Between the Hospital and the Chapter” Marvin also brought us up to date about some proposed changes to the classes of Membership and the move of Mended Hearts Office to the new “Mended Hearts National resource Center” in Albany, Ga.

So far the survey responses are positive, and the comments I have received have indicated the Spring Gathering was a great success.

As I gain permission to share the Presentations I will add them to this dialog.

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